Post-operative Nutrition

Post-operative Approved Foods
  1. You may have dairy products as long as they are cooked.
  2. The day of surgery you may have:
  •  French toast, pancakes, oatmeal
  • Mashed white or sweet potatoes
  • Pasta, Pastina, stuffed shells, macaroni and cheese or lasagna
  • Any type of soup (not too hot)  (watch out for small pieces)
  • Jell-O, puddings, sherbet, or Italian ices
  • Eggs, omelets, home fries, soft buttered toast
  1. You may progress your diet as tolerated to include: baked fish, soft cooked vegetables and soft fruit (applesauce)
  2. You should chew on the non-operative side of your mouth .For bilateral dental work, you should cut small portions and avoid any foods that will possibly cause bleeding, or even damage the sutures.
  3. You may have milk or half & half in coffee or tea, then drink water
  4. You may drink fluids as soon as you leave the office, starting with small amounts and start eating when you arrive home.
  5. Do not use a straw or drink from a sports bottle for 1 week
  1. Do not eat raw dairy for 3 days. (milk, ice cream, cheeses, and yogurt).  These foods are to be avoided because contain bacteria.
  2. Do not eat nuts, popcorn, hard fruits, such as apples, potato chips.
  3. Avoid fried chicken, steak, or pork chops until your sutures are removed, unless instructed differently.
  4. Avoid opening mouth widely, so avoid sandwiches or hamburgers
  1. You may have milk products, including ice cream immediately after surgery.  However after consuming these products within the first three days, drink a glass of water afterwards to cleanse your mouth.
  2. You must only eat soft foods to avoid pressure on your implants.
  3. Rule of thumb: If a knife and fork is needed to eat a certain food then it should be avoided.