Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma

The use of autologous (self donated) biomaterials to naturally accelerate different types of healing processes today has become the standard-of-care.  Common examples of self donated materials that are commonly used in dentistry today are bone and tissue specimens to augment a variety of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery procedures.

Accelerated Tissue Healing – Regeneration

Recent research has shown that certain properties of our own blood cells, namely: platelets, plasma, and white blood cells (aka Signal Proteins) have a profound effect for accelerating tissue regeneration that typically takes place with all forms of surgery.

The bioactive proteins carried by platelets are currently being used successfully in both hospitals and private practice office settings for wound

healing in several surgical disciplines including orthopaedic, neurology, otolaryngology, cardiovascular, vascular, general, plastic and reconstructive, pediatrics and in oral surgeries.

The plasma proteins are derived from the patient’s own blood within just a few short minutes with a specially designed centrifuge.

The use of PRP augmented surgeries within our office assures each and every patient maximum opportunity for treatment success. PRP is also invaluable for increasing implant and tissue surgery success for patients who have a history of problematic hard and/or soft tissue healing. It is particularly beneficial for sinus lift procedures.