Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

In dental implantology, we often see patients who are not prime candidates for dental implant due to severe bone loss.  However, it is possible in many cases for Dr. Lynn Pierri to help her patients grow new bone through ridge augmentation and sinus lift procedures, making dental implants an option.

PRF is a new platelet concentrate used with a great success in a number of surgical procedures, including ridge augmentation and sinus lifts to optimize wound healing and grow new bone.  

PRF utilizes the patient’s own blood, thereby decreasing or eliminating the transmission of diseases.  PRF membrane protects the surgical site and promotes soft tissue healing.  PRF is an accepted minimally invasive technique with minimal risks and good clinical results

The advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin are:
  • Single step and simplified process
  • Autologous blood sample with minimum blood manipulation
  • Natural polarization with minimal immunological reaction
  • Can be used with bone grafts